To provide positive support to the people using our services giving them opportunities to have the best life possible, to be happy and safe. We provide an environment where everyone is welcome.


Our mission statement is underpinned by our values at White Leaf Support. These are the behaviours that we all commit to upholding consistently. These are:


We are Supportive and spend time listening to people and their families to get to know them and their needs. We understand and respect that people are different. Our support staff give their full attention and help people at all times. Our staff are flexible and act calmly to whatever goes on in the day. We are supportive to our colleagues and we listen to each other’s views.

We are Accountable by being honest and transparent and not afraid to admit when we have made a mistake. We identify when the support being provided to others is not safe or good quality and raise our concerns. Our staff follow agreed procedures and standards, ensuring they provide a safe and effective service to the people we support.

We provide a Fun place to live by always coming to work with a positive attitude. We have good ideas about activities that make sure people have a good day by enjoying the work we do. We encourage people to try new things and challenge themselves.

Our teams provide support that is Empowering, by respecting people’s rights to make their own choices and decisions about how they want to be supported. We encourage people to be independent, learn new skills and support people to take positive risks. We help people to retain their dignity and respect their privacy when delivering personal care to them. We offer people a range of realistic options and choices about the support available to them.
We work with people to understand their needs, likes & dislikes and ultimately their ambitions. On this basis we support people to lead good lives and make things happen. The process is individual and tailored around people’s needs, however the approach is pretty much the same.

How we Implement our Values

We employ a Quality Manager to work across all our sites and help the staff team achieve our values. She tries out activities and has conversations with individuals that helps each individual have a rich and fulfilling programme.

Our Quality Manager audits and monitors how we support people, this along with the very clear guidance offered by our Managers means that we are aware of any areas requiring improvement.

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS):

We believe that people are less likely to be frustrated and display behaviour that challenge if they lead fulfilled and interesting lives where communication and choices is actively promoted.

Each person we support will have an individualised Positive Behaviour Support Plan developed with input from our team and our PBS consultants.

Our in-house behavioural specialist undertakes a functional behavioural assessments and develops proactive strategies for people to reduce challenging behaviour and increase their quality of life. They work closely with the staff and families identifying situations and triggers of potential difficulties as well as the proactive strategies for staff to employ as prevention.

All our staff are trained in positive intervention which is all about understanding and identifying triggers and deescalating situations. Our approach is to only physically intervene if it as a matter of safety and as an absolute last resort. We support, we don’t control.


We have a registered licenced Proact-Scipr trainer on site who is continually supporting staff and ensuring that the interventions we are using within our services are the least restrictive, but also making sure that people are safe.