We have a number of residential care homes in and around Buckinghamshire where a small number of people share a home together. People choose our homes because they are fun, personalised and safe.

We try to create fun, thriving communities where people can socialise as well as pursue individual interests and hobbies. Our staff are friendly and support people to take positive risk and be in control of their lives at their own pace. For some people the focus might simply be on building communication, stability and
confidence where others might be looking for support with financial management, travel training or work experience. Quite a number of people move from our homes to supported living.

People sharing the homes are matched in terms of age and ability, and we actively seek an input from the people we support on prospective house mates. We also involve people in recruitment and other decisions about their home – e.g. we ask how our staff are doing as part of doing staff appraisals.

Our staff teams have strong links with colleges, clubs and various groups to ensure people get the most of life. We even employ someone specifically to get the ball rolling with person centred planning and activities. All our homes are close to local shops, colleges and transport.

The homes are regulated and inspected by CQC as well as rigorously monitored through our own internal Quality Assurance System.

All homes are spacious, modern and regularly redecorated and everyone has their own en-suite bedroom. Where appropriate we use Assistive Technology, specialised equipment and communication aids to maintain and improve independence.

Please contact us regarding any individual you have in mind for up-to-date information on waiting lists and vacancies.