Dynamic, Responsive, Individualised, Engaging

We are Dynamic by being honest and transparent and not afraid to admit when we have made a mistake. We identify when the support being provided to others is not safe or good quality, and raise our concerns

We are Responsive and spend time listening to people and their families to get to know them. We understand and respect that people are different.

Our teams provide support that is Individualised, by respecting people’s rights to make their own choices and decisions about how they want to be supported.


We encourage people to be independent, learn new skills and support people to take positive risks. 

We provide an Engaging place to live by always coming to work with a positive attitude. We offer people a range of realistic options and choices about the support available to them.


We work with people to understand their needs, likes & dislikes and ultimately their ambitions. We encourage people to try new things and challenge themselves.