Some of our compliments

Just a quick thank you for the incredible work everyone at White Leaf is doing to keep our daughter, and the residents safe at (her home) and all your homes. Please pass on how grateful we are to Frank and his special team.

From a family member 9th May 2020

During a visit from a service users parents; to say thank you to staff and brought a bunch of flowers, cakes and biscuits for all to share!

From a family member 16th April 2020

Staff member 1st September 2020

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to gain experience and work with a fantastic team. And I am thankful to you and the whole team of White Leaf Support.

I truly love working with White Leaf. I love the support for the individuality and self expression of both staff and service users alike, and it’s like the whole company and it’s service users are like a large family

From a member of staff 19th March 2019

I have worked for this company for well over a year ... I have been able not only to keep my learning up consistently, and develop my competency within my abilities, but I have been promoted to a more senior position and encouraged and helped in this transition at every point. The new role can be hard at times and I am held to high expectations, but if I had family members who lived within these residential services, this is just what I'd want from the company that looks after them.

Staff member 27th December 2019

I want to let you know I admire your strength. You (both) did really give me a confidence boost after my initial "slump" ... some of the things I learned from this role in particular have had a profound effect on me throughout everything I do.

From a member of staff 1st September 2020

Complimented our Team Leader on her support of him and would like her to be his key worker because she spends time with him and supports him to organise his 1:1 time

A service user 19th November 2019

Just a quick note of thanks to you and all your amazing staff. You have no idea how much we appreciate what you are doing to keep (our son) and everyone else safe during this incredibly difficult time. The dedication and commitment of you all is truly wonderful and will not be forgotten

Family member March 2020

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